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Thoughtful and comfortable home design, in tune with the spirit of our times and suitable for integration with modern technologies

A systematic approach to home design

We are a strong team of creators of architectural projects. Our speciality is modern private residences. We create each project based on many years of experience and an understanding of what is documentation is required for high-quality  construction. Our strong point is the complete architectural, structural and engineering sections of the project. We design all over the world for different climatic and cultural requirements. We pay great attention to modern design and the implementation of advanced ideas for all our clients. Our individual projects are the result of analytical work, careful study of the life of the customer's family, and their wishes and requirements.

  • 400+ projects completed
  • 100+ objects under construction
  • 50+ copyright supervision in MO and LO
  • 20+ interior projects
completed projects
current projects under construction
author's supervision in the Moscow Region and Leningrad Region
interior projects
A systematic approach to home design
To create a house project as a system product that answers all construction questions:  design and appearance, competent functional  layouts, construction budget and technologies. This is a well-developed project, which takes into account all stages of work from the beginning to the completion of construction.
vitalii zlobin
Total area:
144 м2

The BARN PENAL project was created for a narrow section. This dictated its elongated shape and structure on 2 floors. The main façade has a classic barn house silhouette with 40° roo...

novikov viaceslav
Total area:
478 м2

▫ Total area - 478.4 sq.

▫ The composition of the walls is a reinforced c...

vitalii zlobin
Total area:
346 м2

The project of the house in the Prairie style is adapted to the conditions of construction in Russia. Keeping the basic principles of organic architecture, the house is made for a small plot of land.

Our services and prices
From sketch to fully finished functional project
Preliminary design
Making out the general concept, preliminary outline
Architectural section
Project documentation, diagrams and drawings
Constructive section

Accurate calculation of loads on walls, foundations and roofs

Engineering section

Set of drawings for the engineering functioning of the building

Interiour design

Design project of the interior of a country house.

The design project of the apartment interior.

HOMES PRO makes interior design projects based on their individual or off-the-shelf designs.

If you order a project or buy a ready-made one from our bureau, you can also order an interior design from us, which will be developed with the participation of the architect of the project.

Landscape design
The design of your land plot in combination with the development of a country house project.
Our videos
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PVC MEMBRANE. Series 3 // Manual weld // PVC Welding Equipment
Learning how to prepare PVC membrane. This is how it is laid on flat roofs of houses. Types of PVC roofs - for operated and non—operated roofs.
We use arbolite infrequently. Only at the special request of customers. In this project, the customer wished to make all load-bearing walls from arbolite blocks.
<p>Facade designing/Mistakes/methodology/Facade styles<br></p>
<p>Designing facades/Wet and dry types of facades/finishing materials<br></p>
<p>Construction section<br></p>
<p>Some more about house layouts</p>
<p>How to make a layout/Cardinal directions</p>
<p>How to set a house on your land/restrictions/Lines/Protected areas/Relief</p>
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Our team
We are a well-coordinated team of authors of architectural projects for modern residential residences
Vitaly Zlobin
Head of bureau, architect and lecturer
Egor Holodenko
Head of the individual design direction, leading architect, (office on Baumanka)
Andrei Butko
Head of the ready made design direction, lead architect (office on Baumanka)
Vyacheslav Novikov
Head architect, project managerр (office on Baumanka)
Anton Zbarovsky
Head of the Conceptual design department, Lead architect (office on Baumanka)
Aleksandra Timchenko
Head architect (office on Baumanka)
Vyacheslav Farinyuk
Architect (office on Baumanka)
Veronika Artemova
Architect (office on Baumanka)
Valeriya Barg
Head of Interior design, lead designer (office on Baumanka)
Alexey Pavlov
Architect (office on Liteyny)
Anna Bychkova
Interior designer (office on Liteyny)
Anastasiya Kozlova
Architect (office on Liteyny)
Daniil Minnikov
3D visualizer (office on Liteyny)
Rustam Yagudin
Chief Project Engineer (office on Baumanka)